Rodale, publisher of Men's Health, Prevention, Running magazine, and other clean living rags, doesn't allow its employees to smoke anywhere on its property. So instead they all go smoke in the park across the street.

The Emmaus (PA) Borough Council is all like, hey guys, maybe put some ashtrays over there in your fancy headquarters so all your fucking nicotine fiend mountain bikers don't leave drifting piles of old butts in our nice park here, if it's not too much trouble? They even sent Rodale a letter. They're sending the whole town straight to hell:

Councilman Brian Holtzhafer said the park is littered with butts. Last year, his wife, Jenae Holtzhafer, wrote to council complaining about people smoking in front of her young children.

Outrageous. But it gets worse:

Shallow said Rodale got an e-mail in June 2008 from then Borough Manager Bruce Fosselman asking the company to ask its employees to put out their cigarettes in a canister the public works crew placed in the park. Rodale complied.

The can was used for a while, but ended up being thrown into the pond, most likely by children

Yes, by "children." That's just what Dave Zinczenko wants you to think.
[Chicago Tribune. Pic: just some guy in Afghanistan]