Oh, wow, is it spring already? Must be, since the seasonal "Marc Jacobs is getting MARRIED!" rumors are now upon us, courtesy Women's Wear Daily.

Reports WWD:

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone are engaged. The designer and his ad executive boyfriend, who have been together for about a year, will go public with the news beginning Thursday, when they arrive in Brazil wearing rings.

Jacobs has been getting engaged in the press since at least fall 2007, when the designer was rumored betrothed to rent-boy Jason Preston. The duo were again said engaged in March 2008.

Then last summer came rumors Jacobs would wed his current love Martone, a Brazilian advertising executive.

Jacobs may well be convinced that this time it's for real; he seems the most likely source for WWD's unattributed, voice-of-God item. But we'll just see if his conviction holds up once he realizes that actually getting married means you have to stop announcing to people that you're getting married.

UPDATE: Page Six reports the couple just put a $13 million West Village contract under contract.