After calling John McCain's daughter "plus-sized,", giving the vapid Daily Beast columnist an excuse to keep talking, Laura Ingraham is now claiming the whole feud was manufactured by "Obama attack dogs."

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Right, because Ingraham's national conservative talk show is, like Rush Limbaugh's, the pride of the Republican Party. It's only natural that supporters of the president want to shut it down, by somehow forcing Ingraham to say nasty things about Meghan McCain, instead of just letting her continue talking, embarrassingly.

No, if there's a conspiracy at work here, it would be one that has somehow made McCain's weak punditry relevant while raising Ingraham's profile, i.e. one with a distinctly right-wing flavor. But obviously no one involved is bright enough to pull that off, and thank God, because that means this annoying, mentally impaired "feud" will mercifully die, forever.

[video via Politico]