Did someone hack into Chris Dodd's Senate web site this afternoon?

This is Dodd's web site as it appears now, with everything functioning normally. But these aren't normal times, now that he's joined the ranks of those trying to duck the stank of the AIG bonus scandal.

This is how it looked shortly berfore 5 p.m. For at least a few minutes, the URL dodd.senate.gov returned a blank page with the words "not an error"; now it appears to be working again. Dodd's been catching heat lately for lying about his role in the legal loophole that allowed AIG executives to be paid bonuses after $175 billion or so in federal bailouts.


While Dodd's site was down, the rest of the Senate web site appeared to be functioning normally. Hacking into a .gov web site is serious business that can get somebody into serious trouble. Maybe he's just preparing to redesign — or resign.