The most annoying cast member of MTV's current Brooklyn-set season is sex-crazed-but-virginal Mormon Chet. He wears ridiculous clothes (Orville Redenbacher, he's been called), wanting people to pay attention. He's not changed since the show:

was riding the uptown 2 (or 3) this morning at 9:45. He was wearing a "please look at me" outfit that included the dopey black glasses and neon pink sneakers. He sat fiddling with a pink Blackberry (or something) the whole time, in between glimpses around the car to see if anyone was noticing him.

Oh, so sad. That furtive, guilty look that lesser celebrities get when they desperately hope someone recognizes them. Especially if they're Mormons named Chet who wear pink sneakers and whose chief aspiration in life is to be an MTV VJ. Also the flirtation with pink, Chet? Gay or not, actively courting the "controversy" is just plain old lame.