America faces many problems today, but none is as pressing as the epidemic of our children smokin' Smarties. Yes, the media are scaremongering. But are they scaremongering enough?

Kids have been smokin' Smarties for more than a year now, because, let's face it, it looks awesome. But now the Smarties people are a little worried about being identified with the trend, and it's caught on in the media, starting early this month online and then moving into the pages of Ad Age last week, and then the other media kids think it looks "cool" to write about smokin' Smarties, and now the WSJ is doing it , and Fox News is doing it, and of course the Orlando Sentinel will do anything the big guys do, and where does it stop?

Hopefully, it won't stop until it hits the cover of PARADE. And why the conspicuous silence, Martha Stewart?