Photos of Gossip Girl filming around New York are everywhere. I can't post all of them, obviously, but here are some of my (mostly Blair-centric) favorites. What do they reveal about upcoming episodes? Not much.

"Oh boy, Jenny! This party ought to be fun!" "Sure will be, Blair."

"This party's kinda boring." "Yeah. Wanna make out?"

"So... I made out with Jenny at that party." "Huhh???" "I gotta go tell Chuck."

"Oh honey, you brought me presents."

"I love you..."

"I, uh... I still love... you... come on now..."

"Chuck, stop. I made out with Jenny. I'm sorry."

"What the hell is going on over there?" "I dunno. Who knows. I'm gay."

"I can't believe he left me! And that I pooped myself."

"You'll be my only friend now, Dr. Sweaters."

"Oh hi, Nate. Who's your girlfriend?"

"Nate! Excuse yourself when you forward-fart. What? What's that? You love me?"

"Oh Nate..." "Oh Brian... I mean Blair..."

"Holy clams, Nate and Blair are making out. And, I just pooped myself."

In the end, they all joined a biker gang.

All images via Splash