Did you know your four-legged subjugated animal ("pet") is raping the oceans with its voracious appetite for dead flesh? It's true, according to the Whole Earth Catalog New York Times op-ed section.

Even if you feed your cat "chicken" or "beef" cat food, the meat in question was almost certainly raised on cheap "forage fish," says Times op-ed contributor Paul Greenberg, and a lack of forage fish can starve the whales and the seals. Including the adorable baby seals.

So maybe take your cat vegan, against the advice of the ASPCA? You just need a medicine-cabinet full of kitty pills:


Several companies now make vegan cat food, though owners of vegan cats find they must supplement their pets' diets with Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, niacin and other nutrients.

Or just don't adopt a cat, Greenberg adds.

This eco-quest to separate Americans from their beloved carnivores might be noble but seems pretty far-fetched. As did that Times op-ed about how men should pee sitting down.


But then so did organic-food advocate Alice Waters' school lunch bailout when she described it in a Times op-ed a month ago; now the Berkeley hippie has the White House doing her bidding.

Far out.

(Pic: j.j. rohmaller, silver22 via ICanHasCheezburger)

(UPDATE: Add another Times link.)