Because they're lesbians. No, seriously, that is why both the famous actress and the famous photographer are FLAT BROKE. Because of godless girl-love. Also, Matt Lauer ran into a deer.

  • Oh man. Annie Leibovitz had to pawn all her stuff because of THE DEATH TAX. (Conservatives are right!) Because, see, she couldn't marry her long-time partner Susan Sontag, which would've protected her from paying 45 percent on value of the inheritance. (Liberals are right!) But, wait. Susan left everything to her son David.... "Leibovitz was left a maximum of four 'articles of [Sontag's] tangible personal property,' such as art, furniture and jewelry." So, yes, as reported earlier, Leibovitz went broke because she was renovating all her townhouses or something, and there is no news here. [P6]
  • Lindsay Lohan is going to stop acting and start modeling. We are going to stop doing some thing we haven't done in 5 years too (respecting Kanye? caring about Iraq?) and take up something no one would actually pay us to do (journalism). [P6]
  • Oh, and Linds is OUT OF MONEY. Because no one wants to pay some stupid girl-dating girl to show up places, or be in family movies. Amazing how many stories you can get out of one Nylon interview, right? [NYDN]
  • Tone-deaf secret Xtian celebrator of heteronormative sexy girl-on-girl performative polyamory Katy Perry is dating song-belting fop Josh Groban. [ShowbizSpy]
  • Because of the economy, Lauren Conrad pulled her clothing line out of stores, where it wasn't selling, and announced that she's "re-working" the whole thing with "more high-end fabrics," because of the economy and what-have-you. [P6]
  • Christie Brinkley is completely insane. "Not too long ago, my son and daughter were on an online game, and a popup ad came up and they were trying to recruit the kids to a gang. And I thought 'Oh my gosh!'" Just... what? So she took her son Jack to West Side Story to learn that being in gangs is not all fun and games! It is strenuous dancing and occasionally even odd time signatures. Also we are pretty sure she discovered a recession-proof advertiser that will save the newspaper industry! [NYDN]
  • Viacom billionaire Sumner Redstone is 85, and he is divorcing his 46-year-old wife, and he's been seeing "an enticing Eastern European beauty who used to work on one of Viacom's corporate jets," but also he's been going places with that wife he's divorcing a lot lately, so who knows what's up with Sumner's lady situation here, besides EWWW. [R&M]
  • Matt Lauer ran into a deer. [Us]