In protest of "the ways in which conversations about institutional racism and white privilege have been mishandled and silenced within the [University of Minnesota Dance] department," anonymous activists have be-papered the department headquarters, provocatively:

Their powerful message: We, the anonymous construction paper-wielding people behind this activism, whoever we may be, will no longer tolerate the gross racism in the University of Minnesota Dance program, whatever it may be, and we demand a solution, whatever that might be. We are also very upset that the racists of the power structure have expressed "support" for us or whatever. Not cool:

To the faculty and staff, we say:

Mere support for guerrilla art does not support us as students in the issues we are protesting; it co-opts our cause. Do not focus on the pride you feel in your 'intelligent, thoughtful students,' or the idea that you have made us so. Concentrate instead on the ways you've failed us as teachers and administrators...

We cannot have productive discussions about racism when you have a need to assure everyone that their voices are equally important. The pain of our fellow White students confronting their privilege and guilt about racism is not the same as the pain of students of Color dealing with the sometimes numbingly routine, sometimes shockingly unexpected experiences of being a visible minority.

How the hell can we ever get any respect with our fellow revolutionaries when you keep on assuring us our voices are important? Call the cops or something! College dance racists, face the facts of your privilege!

This makes the NYU Food Court Revolution look like Cuba, 1959.

[Twin Cities Daily Planet]