After subpoenaing the names and addresses of AIG bonus recipients, New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo convinced many said recipients to return the cash. Well, many of those who live near the angry mobs.

The AIG executives in Britain are basically ignoring Cuomo's populist hardball, given the relative lack of outrage in their country.

But Cuomo announced that nine of the top 10 bonus recipients will return the money! And 15 of the top 20 in the financial products division! Victory!

See? Mob rule Democracy works.How much money was returned, you ask? Like, of the original $165 million? Fifty million dollars, give or take. Another $80 million went to foreigners, and there's $35 million in unreturned U.S. bonuses.

Cuomo would like the Americans holding the latter money to know he is conducting a "risk assessment" about releasing their names/addresses. Emphasis on "risk."