The final episode of D.L. Hughley's short-lived CNN show airs Saturday, but it's being censored because Hughley speaks the truth and The Man won't let him get high on TV which would be so cool.

Hughley, who has glaucoma or a bad back or fibromyalgia or something obtained a prescription from his doctor for medical marijuana, ">TV Newser reports. And for his last show, he taped a segment where he went to a clinic in California and bought some medicine. CNN, however, has instructed Hughley's producers to edit the segment out because if Lou Dobbs ever found out he would flip.

CNN should let Hughley get as high as he pleases wherever he wants, because it was his interview with RNC chairman Michael Steele, where Steele viciously attacked Rush Limbaugh, that launched the ongoing festival of idiocy surrounding every one of Steele's public statements, which continues today.

In all seriousness: Isn't it newsworthy to show what goes on in medical marijuana clinics? Isn't marijuana legalization on the public's mind, seeing as how Barack Obama got asked about it yesterday in his town hall which relied on citizens voting online for which questions to ask? And if Hughley actually did have a lawful prescription, why not air the transaction? Buying marijuana is still against federal law, but Attorney General Eric Holder has made clear he doesn't intend to prosecute medical use. So even if legal was telling Hughley's producers that they couldn't have CNN breaking federal law on TV, you could make the case that there's enough wiggle room to explore an actual issue of public interest.

Here's Hughley making very clear his views on the issue, on the air, earlier this month: