Photos of Gossip Girl filming around New York are everywhere. I can't post all of them, obviously, but here are some of my (mostly Lily-centric) favorites. What do they reveal about upcoming episodes? Not much.

"Oh hi Mom. Yeah, I'll be there in a second."

"There you are. Are you still a bad actor?"


"A circus in Mexico? Oh, Mom. You can't do that."

"Moooom, don't run away from me!"


"What do you mean you removed the tracking device?"

"Sorry that was such a quick handjob, but I gotta help look for Serena's grandmoms."

""Yeah, me too."

"Ugh. The boys are giving out handjobs again. Must be springtime."

"Yeah, in Mexico! Crazy, right?"

"La dee da, Grammy's missing."

"Ohhh, a text. It's a Mexican number... It says I have a letter."

"Oh here it is... What does it say? 'Dear Granddaughter — I'm a bad actress.' Huh."

"I hope Nate likes this new suit."

"Hey, call Lily. Here mom's over there givin' out handies."

"Oh Jesus."

Photos via Splash and INF