A few months ago two Fashion Institute of Technology students were arrested for dealing coke, and they laughed about it, and were subsequently crucified in the tabloids. Now they're blaming hardworking, cock-referencing undercover police!

You can work your way around this story in a complete circle, and find something fun from every angle. Rich girls laughing about serious crimes! College coke whores run wild, probably having lesbian sex, in the dorms! Young criminal queenpins! F.I.T.'s LOLvable assurance to the student body that there were no more drugs anywhere on campus, outside of the possession of these two fast women. And today, either "Despicable rich girls try to shove responsibility for their crimes off on our hardworking police heroes," OR, "Undercover cops run wild!" Innocent teen fashionistas seduced by muscly lawmen?:

Behind the velvet ropes at Marquis, Home and Mansion, the two officers — "Chris" and "Jack" — sprang repeatedly for drinks and bragged of their fame as "Ultimate Fighters." They complimented the women's cleavage; they boasted of their penis size.

Blah blah so the girls ended up selling them 11 grams of coke over a month and got arrested. The real lesson here is that any coke-sniffing cock-grabbing self-proclaimed Ultimate Fighter you meet in West Chelsea is trouble, cop or not.

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