American schools are drug-ridden dens of iniquity, but fortunately we have insurance companies to teach our children values, with TV ads. And whoa, Liberty Mutual has a new 'Responsibility' campaign. Why does that sound familiar?

Ah, I know. It's because Liberty Mutual was 'Responsible' (ha) for trying to pimp its own (same!) ad campaign last year on the dead body of Paul Tilley, the ad exec who committed suicide. Back then, Liberty Mutual bought up Google Keywords so anybody looking for info on Paul Tilley's death would see a nice ad directing them to the company's 'Responsibility Project' website, where they could learn about responsibility, and also maybe see some of the benefits of buying some insurance from Liberty Mutual.

The company never took responsibility for that one.

Anyhow their new ad campaign promises to "look at responsibility from a more micro level," which presumably means "a level not pertaining to Liberty Mutual." [NYT]