Countess LuAnn: Stealing End of the Affair Kisses

It's Real Housewives day, apparently! Kelly's going to court, and LuAnn's splitting up. And now we have more information about the Lady deLesseps' mysterious Koreatown rendezvous. She was kissing a fella at the bar.

Another LuAnn Stalker tells us:

My boyfriend and I sat next to her at the bar on Saturday. It was called Players (with a backwards "a") located at 20 West 32nd Street - in Koreatown. We thought it was her the second she sat down but figured it couldn't possibly be because she was with a younger man who was clearly not the Count. She smiled at us a bunch and said hello and then continued to giggle and kiss the man she was with. They did not stay long but it was without a doubt, the Countess.

I guess ol' Crackerjacks knew the end of her Countesship was drawing to a close. So she decided to creak on up to a bar stool in K-town and suck mug with some young colt. Good for her.


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