Sure, he once briefly flipped out about rigged online voting, but Steve Wozniak's Dancing with the Stars stint will be remembered for the Apple cofounder's overflowing good humor, maintained through his inevitable defeat.

The Woz and partner Karina Smirnoff were ejected from the televised dancing competition last night, four shows into a season that was already something of a Silicon Valley obsession before the first installment even aired. The charmingly oversharey ubergeek won plaudits from the judges for his enthusiasm and, following a foot fracture, determination.

But as computer-hardware-designer Woz himself knows, brute force is rarely the optimal way to solve a problem; elegance inevitably wins over the long term. Tiring of Woz's clumsy steps — one said Woz's was the worst Samba he'd witnessed — the judges eliminated him last night, along with former Playboy model Holly Madison.

Ever the gracious contestant, Wozniak went of his way after being eliminated to praise the Dancing voting system he had once slammed; as well as Madison and partner Smirnoff. "I want to dance more with you," he told her.

We have a feeling there are at least a few other people who'd like to keep watching.