We asked. You answered. Now it's time for the second installment of the fun thing where we reveal the Media's Worst Late Payment Offenders! Plus: a success story!

The Charges, Straight From the Freelancers

Men's Journal: One writer's still waiting for a payment since April, 2007.

Genre Magazine: One person still waiting since November, 2007. Also, I'm still waiting for a freelance payment for a story I wrote for them last year. Too bad Genre folded last month. I still want my money, you fucking deadbeats.

Metro NY: Don't respond to calls for payment of multiple invoices, including one more than a year old.

Contemporary: Failed to pay a freelancer for stories dating back to last year; publisher's full of excuses.

Toronto Star: Seems to have lost the ability to pay for a story from April, 2008.

TONY: Screwed a freelancer for a year-old story espite being "harassed endlessly to no avail."

Nylon: Nada for nine months.

Metro Pop: The LA mag has taken more than half a year to pay less than $50.

Canadian Geographic: Still owes for photos submitted last summer.

Zink Magazine: Editors and writers are having trouble getting paid for any work they've done since last summer.

The National (UAE): One writer's had to wait up to six months for a check; funny, since The National is the paper whose leaked salary spreadsheet showed they pay better than 99% of the papers in the US.

SUCCESS STORY: Our stiffed Brooklyn Paper freelancer who topped the first chart finally got paid. Gawker gets results!

DISCLAIMER: All info is provided by you, our loyal, disgruntled readers. Publications that want to dispute this can email us. But don't try to lie your way out of it; the best solution is to pay all your invoices in a prompt fashion. For all you stiffed freelancers out there, we will continue this feature with your help. Email us your own media payment time stories (good or bad), Subject line "Payment time."