What a time to start selling $595 jeans. The free publicity potential is incredible. Across America, hacks are whipping out pocket calculators and saying, "Do you know what you could buy for $595??"

You could buy one bathroom tile in Bernie Madoff's $11 million Florida mansion. You could buy almost one ten thousandth of one percent of the $700 million cost overruns by the NYC education department in the past two years. You could buy almost one five millionth of Blackstone's new $3 billion fund to buy up companies that are crumbling, cheap.

You could buy some stock—the market's back to 8000 again! You could buy 11 barrels of oil, before the price rises again. You could buy a drink for one of the thousand Swiss Re workers who just got laid off. You could buy a couple hours of a high-priced deal lawyer's time, which would make him happy, cause he isn't doing shit these days. You could buy a gun.

Or you could do the right thing and buy 1190 copies of the Post. They need it. This 'expensive jeans' story can only do so much.