How did OctoMom get so much good press, making her America's sweetheart? By having the sales manager at All American Real Estate Mortgage Co. in La Habra, California as her publicist:

This is really just bizarre, so we're gonna stick to the facts here: Victor Munoz is SPEAKING OUT about the month he spent guiding Octomom's, uh, media relations campaign, or something. He hooked her up with Dr. Phil and Radaroline and other bloodsucking media outlets, in return for undisclosed fees. But he had to take a step back from the Octomadness eventually; she simply wouldn't listen to this publicistrealtor's advice.

As for their split, Muñoz said Nadya, "Wasn't listening to me anymore and her and her attorney (Czech) thought they could do what I did. She second-guessed lots of opportunities I put in front of her.

"Nadya is her worst enemy. I'm not going to call her stupid but her father (Ed Doud) said she was a 33-year-old woman, book smart, with a 13-year-old mind," he said.

But hey the OctoMom thing actually landed him his current job as sales manager over at All American Real Estate Mortgage Co., so, silver lining. We swear this is all true. [Whittier Daily News]