At first gossip is shameful, then it becomes linkbait. Media gadfly Michael Wolff starts his daily jotting for today: "What do men in their fifties and sixties know about girls in their twenties?"

Haha, he's actually talking about Republican blogger-heiress Meghan McCain, not Victoria Floethe, the 28-year-old and blonde writer with whom the Vanity Fair columnist has been carrying on an affair, reportedly at the cost of his marriage. Wolff continues:

Are these young women looking for purpose, for a job, or just publicity (will the publicity provide a purpose and a job?)? Middle-aged men, so flummoxed by the desires and ambitions of young women, seem especially easy prey to girls with blogs. What do you do with a girl who won't shut up?

At Wolff's age, no one should have to give him step-by-step instructions.