Photos of Gossip Girl filming around New York are everywhere. I can't post them all, obviously, but here are some of my favorites from this week. What do they reveal about upcoming episodes? Not much.

"Come on honey, let's go to the party!"

"I'll meet you there. I need to put on my face."

"Here we go, ready for a night on the town!"

"Ohh... look at the pretty birds!"

"Hey man, I need to talk to you. Yeah, you can change outfits first."

"OK, what's up?" "Will you come with me to my gyno appointment?"

"Dammit Natalie. I specifically told you to give me notice ahead of time... But, OK. Lemme change my outfit again."

"All right, let's do this thing."

"He's late!!"

"He's late??!?! Let's kill him!"

"Or we can just hang out."

"I love you. Look at the moon."

"Oh, hey! Honey beav! Chuck just texted. He had to go to the gyno with Natalie." "That makes sense... Mmm. I wonder what he's thinking right now."

"Look. Birds."

Images via Splash