Who are The Sex-Crazed Men (Besides "All of Them")

Why be mens so horny for? Today's blind items reinforce the notion that men, especially those who have suckled from the elusive teat of showbiz, are all about groping ladies and sexing them under false pretenses. It's a tale as old as time, I know, but nowadays, what with the internet and all, we have to read about it. And it's annoying. First up, from Gatecrasher: "Which now-washed up '90s TV star is exasperating his agent by putting all his sexual conquests in touch with the ten-percenter? He talks girls into bed by promising the agent will meet with them." A couple more dirty men, plus some items I missed during my brief absence, after the jump.

  • "No means no. Unless of course you are a washed up former has been (film A lister/tweener) who thinks every woman still has the hots for him like they did 20 years ago. Apparently back in the 80's our actor - and I use that term very loosely - had one method of hitting on chicks. Apparently he would just walk up to them and grope them. Must have been successful or all the drugs he took imprinted it on his brain because at a recent event, he tried the grope then say hello move at least four times. Although he got yelled at, and almost got his ass kicked, he kept with it. You know what really sucks? It worked for the little wad. Yep, on the fourth or fifth time some star struck caterer at the party loved it and began groping him back. She gave up all pretense of working and just left the event, but only after Mr. Hot Shot showed her off by groping her in front of everyone while he made conversation with his "peers." In at least one of the conversations - with her there - he said that his moves always work and that any night you don't have to pay for it is a great night." [Crazy Days and Nights]
  • "Which singer is steadily driving his record company up the wall by constantly demanding they round up attractive women for 'intimate time' at his hotel. Thoughtfully, this creep only ever asks after his wife leaves." [Mirror]
  • "Which actress married to a power player is repaying his infidelities with a close friendship of her own with a sporting figure?" [Gatecrasher]
  • "Which New York-based publicist plants negative items about one of her client's television co-star's (including allegations of illicit sex and pot-smoking, oh, and getting a co-star booted from the show) in an effort to make her gal (who ain't no angel) look a lot better?" [Full Disclosure]