Eliot Spitzer really wants to explain the whole financial crisis, and he is pretty sure he's obligated to advise us plebes on what to do, but everyone just wants him to talk about hookers.

A year's past since then-New York governor Eliot Spitzer got caught in a DC hotel tryst with a young prostitute. He resigned in disgrace and laid low. But now, hey, no one remembers all that nonsense, right?

So today Eliot went on The Today Show for his final, official public shaming at the hands of Matt Lauer. Lauer is gentle and polite, of course, but because the only thing Matt Lauer knows about is gauzy emotionality (and probably geography) the interview never really actually got around to the finer points of economic policy, which is what Spitzer was technically coming forward to talk about. But, you know, he got on the TV!

'Cause Spitzer is a narcissist, of course, which is why he is pretty sure we need his advice, even when his advice generally doesn't vary from the advice of Simon Johnson or Paul Krugman.

But hey we learned about how he has wonderful daughters and a wife who has forgiven him, so, there you go. Any day now he'll be an MSNBC fixture on economic issues, right? That is the point of this: he doesn't want public office, he wants to just be recognized for how bright and tough he is.

Spitzer can also feel vindicated now that Shelly Silver and the MTA have helped give his accidental successor even worse approval ratings than the guy who slept with hookers.

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