Harvey Weinstein's gracious-in-defeat couldn't last long. After paying off NBC to take his Project Runway to Lifetime, the mogul had "personally" congratulated the network. Now, he's calling NBC chairman Ben Silverman a big naked-arm-wrestling homo.

Or at least that's the joke he made! The entertainment mogul was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show yesterday and yukked that that's how resolved the Project Runway dispute between his company and Silverman's NBC/Universal.

"This is a bombshell," Weinstein growled. "Ben Silverman said, 'Why don't Harvey and I arm-wrestle this? Naked!'" And Seacrest, of course, giggled that way he loves to giggle when anything gay comes up. Seacrest added that it must have been a first in conflict resolution, but Weinstein, delighting in seeing the sprightly little frosted pixie in stitches so, decided to press on with the joke.

"I've spoken to some of his dates, and apparently it's not a first," he said as Seacrest went bright red and peed himself a little, out of a heady mixture of hysteria and awkwardness. I mean, really, when Harvey Weinstein makes a joke, you'd better goddamned laugh.

Nice, if not surprising, to see that Weinstein is treating this like a victory. Though we assume that Bravo will have the last laugh (or giggle!) when no one tunes in to watch PR on the damn Lifetime network.

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