Before he walked into a Binghamton immigration center and shot 13 people to death last Friday, Jiverly Wong sent a letter to a Syracuse TV station, explaining his motives. He is a courteous, crazy man.

Wong was laid off and frustrated with his life in America, which is perfectly understandable. But he was also convinced that undercover cops were harassing him for years by spying on him with "ultramodern" cameras, flooding his house with chemicals, controlling his electricity remotely, trying to swerve in front of his car and make him wreck on 32 separate occasions, etc.

Police reportedly got a tip before the shooting that Wong was smoking crack, which would go a long way towards explaining this letter. Although he maintained his manners, throughout. If we can learn anything from this, it's not to go around giving guns to everybody. Because they might be crazy. [Pic: NYDN]