Why do you not publicly address last weekend's rumored pizza-related fistfight, Jimmy Fallon? What are you hiding? The smirking TV host has conveniently skirted the issue so far. But we have sources everywhere!

Fallon's flack talks to P6 today about how the woefully inadequate replacement for Conan O'Brien was kicked out of NYC pizza joint Posto, but totally leaves out any mention of what one tipster told us was a "nice little fistfight" afterwards:

"they could not have been any ruder. The hostess who asked him to leave was seemingly gleeful about it. Jimmy is never going back to Posto," Fallon's rep told Page Six

Blah blah blah. The fight man, what about the fight? Fallon's been quiet about it on Twitter so far. But! Another tipster spotted him after the incident and pronounced his face shiner-free:

I saw Jimmy Fallon with his wife at JFK this morning (Sunday) at 6am. We were both online at American's First Class Check in. Other than being really tired, like all of us having to be there at that hour, I didn't notice any injuries or evidence of fight. I'm sure his travel/airline etc is checkable. I wrote this note only b/c I was amused by the coincidence of seeing him this morning and now reading the post (I'm in SF at the moment) ….

Fallon is indeed on vacation this week. So come out with it, Jimmy: what happened out there? Twitter it or email us at once, or you're scared. Playground rules. [Previously]