Some people are having trouble connecting to the new, Twitter-like Facebook. So where are they complaining? On Twitter, naturally, where conspiracy theories abound.

As they do in our inbox. A tipster offers the following explanation: "Facebook is currently reloading their old format and taking the site down to do so." That strikes us as unlikely; on Twitter, Facebook users report they're having trouble accessing search and photo features, suggesting database problems on the back end of Facebook's systems. Flipping back to the old design would seem to be a relatively simple front-end change.

Not that changing back would be a bad idea. We hear that Facebook's widely loathed redesign, which emphasizes friends' up-to-the-minute status updates at the expense of other features, has hit the site where it hurts: its traffic. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has told employees they should ignore feedback from users, may find that data deafening.