Hey, here is an ad that will make you furious. Furious! It is about how the gay marriage will hurt these people. You've never seen so many infuriating lies in 60 seconds.

If it was true that gay marriage would hurt the people who made this ad, actually literally hurt them, physically, we would book the next flight to Des Moines, hire a priest, and marry the first dude who answered a Craigslist ad.

Coincidentally Craigslist must be how they found the actors willing to blatantly lie in high-profile tv ads, because if the leaked audition reels (!!!) are any indication, they didn't go the traditional route of "hiring people who can read."

(Audition 3: THE BEST.)

So yeah we were ENRAGED all morning, thinking about this, but between seeing these hilarious audition reels and then stopping to remember that the organization behind the ads is called NOM (NOM NOM) we are beginning to find it all a bit funnier.