Chris Matthews asked Michele Bachman last year how many Anti Americans she had detected in Congress, and she couldn't answer. But Rep. Spencer Bachus (R, Alabama) has been counting, and just announced the results.

It would seem there are 17 socialists in Congress, Bachus told the Birmingham News. He said at a breakfast event in his district, "Some of the men and women I work with in Congress are socialists." He has yet to release any names (although I'm betting my own Barbara Lee is on the list).

Bachus said the 17 socialists are specifically in the House of Representatives. That's 4 percent of the total seats. So right there we're way behind the large Socialist International-affiliated parties in the German and French parliaments.

But that's not to say 17 isn't significant. It is, in fact, creepily significant:

  • "It is especially in the Shiism [Shia Islam!]... that a quasi magic importance is attached to the number 17... 17 represented the number of those who will be resuscitated, each of these persons having to receive one of the 17 letters of the alphabet."
  • "The Jewish law counts seventeen blessing."
  • "The French revolution occurred in 1789 (8+9 = 17)."

Between the socialist, Muslim, Jewish and the French influences, they must just love the number 17 in Alabama.

[via Huffington Post]