Well well, a new poll of 43 of America's fanciest "Media Insiders" reveals this: two thirds(!) of them think the internet hurts journalism more than it helps. Poll time!

Seriously, are these MEDIA INSIDERS just pricks, or what? [Among the respondents: some respectable journalists, along with Tucker Carlson, Howard Fineman, Mark Halperin, Chris Matthews, and many more!] The 65% on the anti-internet side say that the electronicas and the blogomimes have just had too high a cost. Sample answer:

News consumption depends on news production, and I don't see anything on the Internet that produces news-that is, detailed responsible empirical journalism-the way newspapers do (or did). It is typical of Americans to get more excited about consumption than about production.

Typical fucking Americans, lazily reading this site while the work of great journalists like Tucker Carlson sits unappreciated! Anyhow it's time for you to vote. We'll write the final tally on bottle of hair gel and send it to Howard Fineman:

[The Atlantic; Pic via]