Reelect Bloomberg! He put a 35-year-old uneelected Ivy League PR prick in charge of Police, Fire, Sanitation, and Transportation, and things are just peachy on all those fronts—especially transportation and policing, right?

Look how great this Ed Skyler guy is, with his Batman-esque crime-fighting work:

Driving through the South Bronx last summer, Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler spotted a man illegally washing car windshields at a stoplight.

Enraged, he called the police desk at City Hall from his cellphone (it's on speed dial), ordered that the man be arrested on the spot and requested a copy of his rap sheet, which, as it happened, was voluminous. It listed 50 prior arrests.

Thus began a classic Skyler crusade: Over the next few months, he had two more squeegee men arrested by speed dial. He instructed aides to study their lengthy journeys through the legal system. And he helped draft a law cracking down on repeat offenders, which Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg unveiled in his State of the City address this year.

Finally white dudes driving through the South Bronx being inconvenienced by people have a voice in city hall. He's not the unelected 35-year-old Ivy League PR prick this city needs, but maybe he's the one it deserves.

(Hahah look, there is one post on Bloomberg's campaign blog and it is from famous unloved loser Howard Wolfson.)

Update: Fer chrissakes, it is Ed Skyler's birthday tomorrow. How odd that his glowing profile should run, today!