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It's hard to be a gay Republican, what with the Republican party denying your personhood in their national platform. But you hate taxes, so you stick with it. And what thanks do you get?

Well, none. You get no thanks. Which is why the Log Cabin Republicans, the saddest group in the world, are now basically just Democrats. Which has enraged a splinter group of conservative gay Republicans who are forming their own sad 527 non-profit that will be completely ignored by the party that depends solely on support from white evangelicals.

This group is called "GOPROUD," which is kinda clever, and they will stand for not fighting for any gay rights, because fighting for gay rights is not conservative, according to the group's leader.

"If your main issue is hate crimes or [federal anti-discrimination legislation] or marriage, you're probably not a Republican," Barron said, saying that while he backs gay groups on those other issues, they shouldn't be federal priorities.

Who knew Gay Republican activist groups were big enough to even splinter? This is some angels on the head of a pin shit.

According to this gay true conservative's site, GOPROUD will address the "peril gays face by Islamic extremists," which is a very real thing in Middle Eastern countries but is just sort of hilarious here.