Here is a Glenn Beck 9/12 Project Tea Party meeting, in case you were wondering what goes on at these things. What goes on? Crazy ranting!

Specifically, old-fashioned "the commies are stealing our essence" talk followed by this hilarious conversation:

Woman: [Shouts] "Burn the books!" [applause]

Man: "I don't think you were serious about that, were you?"

Woman: "I am too."

Man: "Burn all the books?!"

Woman: "The ones in college, those, those brainwashing books."

Man: "[laughs] Brainwashing books?"

Woman: "Yes."

Man: "Which ones are those?"

Woman: "Like, the evolution crap, and, yeah..."

This is what Glenn Beck needs, from Americans! To act like crazy people the day after 9/11! Who needs to think about things for even one second before shouting something? Rationality is for terrorists! BURN THE BOOKS!

You know, get a bunch of ANSWER kids together for a little protest planning meeting and you will hear all sorts of crazy nonsense, but those kooks are aggressively marginalized by the liberal political mainstream and 'legitimate' liberal media, they are not organized and coddled by major think tanks or lauded as heroes and encouraged to indulge their craziest conspiratorial musings by cynical cable news hosts with a daily audience of 2 million+. Just sayin'!

Burn the brainwashing books!