"Park Slope Parents," the Brooklyn listserv, is in the midst of a civil war between yuppie parents and list moderators. One combatant finally just snapped, and she's shared her rant with us.

The "Park Slope Parents" fight is ostensibly about a plan by the listserv moderators to charge the parents $25 to remain on the list. In reality, it's just like all of Park Slope's other epic battles: a contest to see who can be the most shrill and sanctimonious.

Somehow, the moderators continue to "win" this entitled bitchfest. They could have, for example, just let list participant "Joanna's" epic weekend diatribe speak for itself.

Declaring she was done "self-censor[ing],", the mother denounced "self-righteous... earth-destroying" Easter-egg hunt rules, the coverup of a video camera theft (we think?), the environmental slander of kitchen scraps (the methane can be contained!) and, best of all, some jerk-ass French brat who ruined rock climbing in the park for EVERYONE.

Instead of just letting this very entertaining message go out to the list, the moderators decided to block it, on the grounds that Joanna's "heart of hearts" would have blocked it, too. (That's totally our new moderating standard on Gawker, by the way.)

If any other Park Slopers have an urgent rant they need to get past the jackbooted censors at PSP, just send it our way. We'll publish it, provided it is at least this awesome.

Joanna's message is below, followed by her back-and-forth with the moderator.

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