Hah, it's fun to marginalize a protest movement by selectively focusing on its craziest fringes, but the "Tea Party" movement is all fringe and no legitimate grievance. Look, the white supremacists are psyched!

The users of a certain neo-Nazi message board that will soon invade this site with a flood of nutty racist comments have been debating these recent "Tea Party" protests, and at least one user likes what he sees.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think every WN needs to not only attend the April 15th Tea Party nearest you (I'm going to the Alamo in San Antonio) but then stay involved and help provide leadership to this movement.

I believe that this is the white revolution we've been waiting for.

It doesn't look what we expected but this is it.

I've seen probably 50 videos on TV showing previous marches and what strikes me is that the participants are all WHITE. It stands to reason . . . we're the ones being taxed to support Affirmative Action, Welfare and other worthless social programs. It's our tax dollars going to ACORN and supporting the 12 million illegals swarming into our neighborhoods.

For the first time, white people (a.k.a. the lemmings) are finally awake and taking to the streets.

The rest of the thread is various excited white supremacists excitedly volunteering to bring all their white supremacist buddies to the Tax Day Tea Party protest nearest them. Let's see how many of them end up on Fox's all-day intensive coverage of this grass-roots populist nationwide protest!

In addition to the White Supremacists, the Tax Day Tea Parties will be full of discord between the crazy Paultards who've been doing this sort of thing for years and the Johnnies-come-lately who just got involved once GOP leadership, Fox, and various corporate think tanks co-opted the whole nutty libertarian thing to make it a generalized protest against everything Obama.

And all the teabags you keep mailing are causing Capitol office evacuations. Whee! This is going to be a hilarious shitshow, right?