Now that the Project Runway Wars are over, it's time to get on with the business of casting for the fashion show's seventh season. The application is due April 24th. Which isn't much time!

The application, available online, basically consists of "Have you ever worked for the Weinstein Corporation" and "Are you actually a fashion designer" questions. But there are a few that seem a bit invasive, which is why we would never go on a reality show. But you might!

Plus there's the crazy confidentiality agreement. Basically if you let slip any pertinent details about your unaired season, you owe Project Runway millions of dollars for the rest of your life:

So if none of that scared you off, and you read about the application here first and then end up on the show, let us know (uh, without violating that crazy confidentiality clause)! And we'll become your official sponsor. In, you know, a completely non-financial capacity. But we'll cheer you on! Unless you're bad. Then, boo.