Fox-Bashing CNN Reporter Applied for a Job at Fox

CNN's Susan Roesgen went nuts on the air Wednesday at a Chicago tea party, blaming everything (accurately) on Fox News. But maybe she was angry because Fox turned her down for a job—twice!

Roesgen got snippy with a crazy interviewee while trying to cover the tea partiers, and the crowd turned on her. "I think you get the general tenor of this," she said. "It's anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox."

Back in 2005, though, according to a Fox News source, Roesgen really wanted to work for that right-wing conservative network. She sent a tape of her on-air work to Fox's then-programming chief Kevin Magee in January 2005, and followed up with another reel to Magee's successor Bill Shine in September 2005. Needless to say, she didn't get the gig.

Roesgen didn't respond to an e-mail request for comment, and a CNN spokeswoman said, "I don't know anything about that."

So next time you see CNN or MSNBC talking heads—like Fox News alum David Shuster, for instance—talking about how awful Fox is (which it is!), just remember: It's all business, kids.