By my cursory count the story of The Hipster Grifter, has generated over 250,000 page views, and well over 1000 comments. But, there's more!

But I want to make this weekend spot a place of sanctuary from the normal rigorous cut-throat business that goes on, as it must, during the week. So we're digging into this story more, but with a sympathetic edge that ultimately, I hope, brings a smile to Kari's face (we know you're watching!).

So coming up we have a panel that will feature Vice mag co-founder Gavin McInnes weighing in on the saga. Along with Doree(!!), and a book editor discussing the potential merits of a book deal. Also my video report from Williamsburg, where we met people who interacted with Kari!

I'm behind schedule though, gotta run. Stay tuned!!!