When I was growing up the kids use to say I'm Audi 5000, y'know, like the car? Do they still make those? What model are they on? Well anyswayze, that's me now: Audi 5000.

Last weekend we teased an interview with your favorite Late Night band The Roots and we preempted that for more Hipster Grifter coverage. Next weekend we won't petty swindle you out of some hip hop band action. Promise. If I don't give you The Roots up close and personal, I'll move to Utah.

Thanks for bearing with us as we get off the ground here. Any tips, copies of Elements of Style, or esteemed candidates for The Assimilator, should be sent to me via my blog The Assimilated Negro. Or you can email that name @gmail.

Have a wonderful Grifter-free rest of the weekend!

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