More bad news for Kelly Bensimon. A socialite gets engaged, and an actress turns 30. Plus the requisite Jennifer Aniston sadness news and word of Madonna's continued disgraces.

  • Oh no. Kelly Bensimon, the much-beleaguered Real Housewives star, is in trouble again. This time it's not for twinkicide or Nay, Saks! syndrome. No, a former Elle Accessories colleague named Celeste Greenberg is claiming that Bensimon stole her owl pendant idea. The two were supposed to share in the profits for the ugly necklace, but instead Bensimon ran away with the idea and that was that. Bensimon's people claim that Kelly was just being nice to ugly old Celeste by even talking to her or giving her a job. So who's to say. One thing's for sure though. I'll bet Kelly wishes she'd never picked up that phone call from Bravo producers. [GoaG, via P6]
  • Dabney Mercer, the poppy-faced 31-year-old sister of bumblebee socialite Tinsley Mortimer, is reportedly dating a 24-year-old financier named Marc Koch. When asked about the pairing, big sis Tinsley nodded, smiled, and said "I haven't been this hungry since the pajama fire." [P6]
  • Unlovable spinster sadsack Jennifer Aniston has been spotted cadoodling with her soon-to-be costar, animate slab of Highland lamb meat Gerard Butler. They've been seen snuggling in New York as they prep for The Goree Girls, in which the lonely and often miserable Picture Perfect actress will play a 1940's woman in prison who starts a country western band. Fitting. Whiskey-filled ballads about long lost love and beans. Weeping and farting: Jen's M.O. [NYDN]
  • Only a two days after a terrified horse bucked her off its back, the Madonna-witch moves forward with another baby snatching operation. Her adoption appeal in Malawi will be on May 4th. The singer forged in the black, evil smokes of Detroit is hoping to bring 3-year-old Mercy home with her so she can make her famous Clemency Chowder. [Us]
  • Meredith Grey is pregnant. McSquirmy? McSquealy? McShitty? [People]
  • Kate Hudson had a 30th birthday party and you weren't invited. But Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Timberlake and Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Alba were. So, actually, not being invited is sort of a good thing. [People]

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