You have to admire a renaissance basketcase: Lindsay Lohan is thinking of dancing topless, Michelle Rodriguez advised a male stripper and Mel Gibson's lady friend is also a sort of paper blogger.

  • The Russian singer who is signed to Mel Gibson's record label and keeps saying she's sleeping with him supposedly kept a detailed diary of her sex life, thus ensuring the actor's humiliating sex scandal will stay alive for MONTHS. (A sex diary is, by the way, incontrovertible proof of sexual contact, always.) [Sun]
  • Julie Chen is, in fact, pregnant with her husband/boss Les Moonves' baby, in case you are one of the sad Early Show fans who, according to the Post, spent the past two years watching her belly. [P6]
  • Should Chace Crawford keep doing Gossip Girl or star in a Footloose remake? CW series or 1980s movie retread? Is there a wrong answer to this question? [E!]
  • Michelle Rodriguez, who you'll recall was busted for drunk driving while shooting Lost in Hawaii, recently pushed fully clothed wedding guests into a pool and heckled a male stripper at a bachelorette party, a spy said. The spy failed to ask how much she'd charge to be awesome at strangers' weddings. [P6]
  • Instead of going into rehab, like her mother supposedly urged her to do, Lindsay Lohan could dance topless in Las Vegas with Scary Spice. There's always a way to become more pathetic. [Fox]
  • Jackie Chan is a terrible racist, against himself: "We Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want." [Scoop]

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