Another reason to hate California. Their Miss USA entrant, Carrie Prejean, doesn't think gays should marry, she announced live on the pageant Sunday night. She was on the Today show this morning elaborating her point.

Matt Lauer, after having a sorta belligerent interview with lady blogger Perez Hilton, the Miss USA judge who asked her about the gay marriage, basically held Ms. Prejean's hand and kissed her and told her she was good and special and that her pretty beliefs were attacked and it's just not fair. Because, you know, people are claiming that she didn't win the crown because she wasn't properly 'politically correct' when answering the gay marriage question ("Should more states allow gay marriage?" "I only believe in opposite marriage. No offense.")

Ms. Prejean batted her eyelashes and smiled her brave smile and said "It's not about being politically correct, it's about being biblically correct." Which, you know, is that kind of terrific specious reasoning that has let religious windbags turn the halo of persecution upon themselves. So good work everyone!