Rihanna and Chris Brown might be at the same party in the same room at the same time; Lindsay Lohan brazenly spent hours in the company of males. What does it all mean?

  • Lindsay Lohan has been hanging out with various men, including this one time in a bathroom for a while, so obviously her lesbian experimentation is over, because what could Lindsay Lohan be doing with a guy in a bathroom besides the sex? Certainly not illegal narcotics of any sort, or trying to make her lady ex jealous. Maybe she was thinking about how avoiding the fate of Britney Spears, now that she's fallen in with a paparazzo and is fighting with her mom.
  • There's a chance Rihanna and her terrible ex Chris Brown will be at some Hollywood afterparty together following the ASCAP Awards tonight. But he's a "Maybe" on the Evite, so who knows. [Daily Star]
  • GreenDaily.com named Mariah Carey the "least green" celebrity for flying her personal trainer up from St. Bart's. Which sounds awfully pollute-y, but is basically the celebrity equivalent of driving to spin class a few times a week. And we've all been there, right people? Anyone?? [P6]
  • Vanessa Minnillo has a new friend to publicly make out with. (Matt Lanter from 90210, if by chance you care.) [P6]
  • On tour in California, Britney Spears finally got to live out her longtime dream of riding a dragon, naked. Well, almost. [Sun]