The Way We Live Now: Very, very still. Americans have stopped moving. Colleges are liquidating everything except their students. Ebay is the new luxury!

"The number of people who changed residences declined to 35.2 million from March 2007 to March 2008, the lowest number since 1962, when the nation had 120 million fewer people." Perfectly understandable. I just moved, and do you know that movers want literally hundreds of dollars to move your stuff down one flight of stairs, and later, up another flight of stairs? I mean, everybody in New York is moving, because apartment prices are going down about a hundred bucks a month per month. But elsewhere, yea: just huddle up where you are. Moving expends energy, which requires calories to replace it, which ups your grocery bill. Stay still.

Unless you're in college! In that case, run around grabbing everything you can, lest the administration sell it off to pay the bills. Across the country, schools are selling off art collections, and also taking donations that may have been "earmarked" for one specific cause and re-earmarking them for another cause, like staying afloat financially. Donors are mad, but hey, donors are always mad. Education demands extreme measures sometimes.

It could be worse: you could be trying to sell "high end merchandise" these days, if you can imagine such a preposterous thing. Needless to say, fancy stores are now putting their fancy clothes and whatnot on Ebay. You can shop from your same home, while conserving energy. Everybody wins/ loses!
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