Jesus. How much prime-time is enough for Generalissimo Barack Obama, our "big brother?" Now he wants a fourth televised speaking opportunity in barely three months. How are the TV people supposed to make money?

The networks are getting really irritated, because America is not just some communist country where the ruler can pre-empt important current-affairs programming like American Idol whenever he wants, for propaganda. TV executives recently bitched about Obama "wreaking serious havoc with our schedule and our advertisers," and that was back when he was only up to three speeches.

Now he wants yet another news conference — during sweeps again! — on Wednesday the 29th, the end of his first 100 days. So the network suits are just all gritting their teeth, pissed. TV Week:

Programmers have been peeved at President Obama's numerous primetime appearances since taking office, because every unscheduled speech or press conference results in a loss of ad revenue...

There's no word yet on whether the broadcast networks will agree to the White House request, though one network insider said it's all but a given they will.

Come on guys, don't just roll over. At least finagle a written guarantee that Ed Henry will be prevented from "asking" a "question," by force of taser if necessary.

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