Meryl gets recognition, yet again. Stephen Dorff! Remember him? Yeah, me too. And I sat through all of S.F.W. Plus news of good people that I like.

The person I most want to meet before I die, Meryl Streep, will be honored yet again, this time by the Rome Film Festival. Italians will grin and puff cigarettes and clap a lot for the grand dame as they give her their funnily named Marcus Aurelius lifetime achievement prize. You'd think that getting the same kind of prize at the Coolidge Corner Theatre would be satisfaction enough in life (it should be! place is awesome!) but I guess it's not. [Variety]

Oh, that's nice. People are still giving 90's driftwood Stephen Dorff movie work. He'll play a "legendary" (read: old) porn star in that Adam Sandler-produced movie about a guy (Nick Swardson, he of the rollerskates on Reno: 911!) who finds out that his parents were in the adult (read: sweaty teen boy) film business. [Variety]

Remember when Robert Rodriguez was maybe going to be this bigtime director, this whiz-bang creative mastermind in the vein of his buddy Quentin Tarantino? Well, that never really panned out, and so he made Spy Kids and then that horrible Grindhouse installment (the thing about funny homages? They need to be funny), and now he's making a movie based on a fake trailer that aired during that schlockathon. Machete is about an ex-Federale who has a beef with the gubmint. Danny Trejo will probably not star in this one. Oh, and he's also doing a Predator reboot. So. [Variety]

Oh she must be hitting it big! The actually quite funny on SNL Michaela Watkins will be playing that coveted by comediennes best friend role in a romantic comedy. She'll buddy up to Jennifer Lopez (who's still making movies! good for her! A for effort!) in The Back-Up Plan, about a lady and a baby and sperm donoring or something. [THR]

Swoon. The ridiculously attractive (if charmingly pretentious) Joseph Gordon-Levitt has replaced the ludicrously attractive James Franco in Christopher Nolan's next film, Inception. Pic stars Leo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, and lesbian Hollywood's vice-president, Ellen Page. The funny thing is, I want him to get more famous? Because he's great? But also? I don't want him to? Because then my embarrassing crush will be shared by millions? I'm a sad person? [THR]