All the gay Republicans are going to be OUTED! This threat is made every couple years, usually by Michelangelo Signorile and Mike Rogers. This time, there is a movie coming out!

The movie retells the wonderful Larry Craig story and apparently really nails Florida governor Charlie Crist, who had to marry a woman because he was dumb enough to think he'd be McCain's VP. It is called OUTRAGE because a descriptive non-'generic political documentary' title doesn't look as good on a poster, or something. (Oh, wait, we get it now. Clever!) It screened at Tribeca and everything! It is directed by Kirby Dick, who did the pretty awesome This Film Is Not Yet Rated and lots of other movies we have not seen, like the Derrida one, the priest abuse one, and Showgirls: Glitz & Angst.

The film is executive-produced by Clinton friend Chad Griffin, which made Politico all excited. If they really wanted to win the morning they'd at least mention some of the film's targets beyond the well-known Larry Craig. They include:

Virginia Rep. Ed Schrock, former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, Mark Foley, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, 2004 Bush/Cheney campaign manager Ed Mehlman, former GOP National Field Director Dan Gurley, former Arizona congressman Jim Kolbe, former Louisiana congressman Jim McCrery, and current congressman David Dreier

And Shep Smith! So, no surprises here to anyone who reads the blogs, or who's ever traveled in DC media circles, and lots of semi-closeted journalists (besides poor Shep) are left out, along with closet cases who don't vote against the gays (following the Frank Rule) and ones for whom there just isn't actually evidence, but still: this will be a pretty awesome movie, probably. We endorse it.