The French are sponsoring wine and cheese parties. Typical. Americans are downing pills faster than ever. Typical. Unpatriotic Latinos won't tell the government whether they're "black" or "white." Man, why is everybody all typical?

  • France wants to sell more French wine and cheese, because they're lazy and money-hungry, so what do they do? Spend two million bucks throwing wine and cheese parties everywhere around the world—even in your house. That is so freaking typical.
  • Sleeping pill sales are booming. And NYT columnists continue to write trend pieces about Ritalin. I am doing the typical dance, right now.
  • Haha, in Orange County, FL, Hispanics are being banned from a "biracial" panel on the racial makeup of county schools, unless they declare themselves "black" or "white." Come on, this is an intractable problem, there's absolutely no way around it outside of re-titling this important committee, so just pick one! Why are races other than "black" and "white" always trying to complicate our nation's history of racial harmony? Typical racism in action.
  • Man bites python. Oh, come on.

You know what I'm saying.
[Pic: Flickr]