NY Mag spent 55 minutes with ?uestlove and deemed him a "a soft, Pooh-like pile of a person." Aww. That's a compliment, right? We, too, have 55 minutes of The Roots, but actual video.

So yeah, I used to blog for The Roots and okayplayer, and about a month ago I did this long interview with them. Turns out they're fans of Gawker, and traffic to their website, and with the band making the mainstream America move with Jimmy Fallon, I wondered if maybe we could do something similar here in blogland. Make them the unofficial quasi-sorta house band of Gawker, on the weekends, in my afternoon slot.

What follows is a little over a minute of ?uestlove talking about that initial transition to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In it Ahmir describes the band as slaves with three masters (or in his words, a band with three demographics). One of them being Lorne Michaels.

What is a slave with three masters to do? I'm thinking the Gawker commenter community is the best source of advice on the subject. This is just a whim of an idea, so there are no specific rules. But the band holds a weekly residency at the Highline Ballroom, and we can arrange for whomever provides the best advice on the matter to get free tickets and meet the band backstage etc. Perhaps, even discuss how to handle it when Lorne pops in.

Here's the clip. If this sounds good, fire away. If it sounds retarded, let me know other ideas. And we'll try and do better next weekend.

Talking with The Roots (pt. 1) from weekendvids on Vimeo.